Negawatt x Catalyst Paved the Way for Developing a Green City in Middle-east

In September, the Belt and Road Summit held in Hong Kong featured a dedicated Middle East session for the first time, making it a standout event! On 14 September, we have signed the MoU with Catalyst, which is a Masdar and BP jointly organized, startup technology accelerator based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

“They don’t need to be taught about environmental awareness; no one is asking ‘why should we care about the environment’ anymore. Instead, it’s about when, how fast, and how we can implement these changes. They understand that a petroleum-based economy is not sustainable in the long run.”, said Mr. Arthur Lam, Co-founder and CEO of Negawatt.

Let’s watch the featured program talking about how Middle East market could lead to more business opportunities for Hong Kong.