ESPig Talk: 10

🚀🐷:Superheroes are not only strong, but also smart! Can you tell myth from fact? Let’s bust some common recycling myths together to understand how we an help Hong Kong meet it’s climat target while earning rewards and doing good.♻️
❓Myth 1: Recyclables need to be spotless to be recycled.
🧑🏻‍🏭Fact: Minor dirt and debris are generally acceptable in most recycling programs. Rinse out containers to remove food scraps and let them air dry before recycling. Visit and learn more guidelines from the Kong Kong government’s GREEN$ recyling centers near you.
❓Myth 2: Recycling Doesn’t help.
🧑🏻‍🏭Fact: In just 6 months, Zero2 users have saved a whopping 800 tonnes of CO2 – that’s like planting a forest! This epic accomplishment aligns perfectly with Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan, helping our city become super sustainable by 2050. Let’s keep recycling right and keep our city green and clean!🍃
❓Myth 3: Recycling is diffuclt.
🧑🏻‍🏭Fact: Not with ZERO2! Did you know? You can upload your recycling efforts from GREEN$ soon and you can earn rewards from the in-app marketplace as usual! The government has set up recyclaing statsiosn all around the city’s district,fing the nearest one to you usuing the GREEN$ app. So Easy!🌎