ESPig Talk: 08

🐷⚡️:Think Green, Invest Green: Understanding Green Funds & Bonds

Imagine you’re saving money for a brighter future. Green funds and bonds are like ways to save for the planet’s future too! Do you know what green funds and green bonds are?

💰Green Funds:
Green funds are a mix of stocks and bonds that focus on companies or projects promoting environmental sustainability. These companies might be working on things like solar panels, windmills, or ways to handle garbage better (recycling superheroes!). By investing in these companies, you’re helping them grow and make the Earth a cleaner place, while potentially earning some money yourself!

💵 Green Bonds:
This involves companies or organisations like governemnts borrowing money from you, but with a promise to use it for good. For example, building cleaner water systems or planting more trees. When you buy a green bond, you’re loaning them money for these projects, helping the environment and potentially getting a return on your investment. The proceeds from green bonds are earmarked exclusively for projects that contribute to environmental sustainability, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean water, and sustainable agriculture.

🐷: What benefits do green funds and green bonds have for the environment?
💰Green funds can promote environmental protection and support sustainable development, and investing in green funds has the potential for higher returns!

💵Buying green bonds can support sustainable development and mitigate climate change!

🌱🐷: Are there any common examples of green funds and green bonds?
💰Green Funds:
iShares Global Clean Energy ETF
Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund
💵Green Bonds:
World Bank Green Bonds
Apple Green Bonds

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