1. What is Zero2?

Zero2 aspires to gamify ESG and drive sustainability involvement, by setting up a reward platform for the society. Through missions, points and rewards, Zero2 encourages users to achieve a low-carbon lifestyle.

Visit “About Us” to find out more about our vision and impact!

2. How does Zero2 help the users live a low-carbon lifestyle?

To help users adopt a low-carbon lifestyle, Zero2 encompasses a range of features:

1. Gamified User Profile
Inform you how much carbon emission is saved from your green actions, and how every little step contributes to the society

2. Green Rewards Program
Get “Zero Coins” rewarded for finishing low-carbon lifestyle missions, and redeem products and experiences from Zero2 merchants

3. My Community
By teaming up with family and friends, you are able to collect more positive energy and enjoy low-carbon lifestyle together

4. Sustainable Events
Join our campaigns in partnership with different organisers

3. Why aren’t all businesses eco-friendly and focused on selling environmentally friendly products?

Zero2’s vision is to move towards a future of zero waste and net-zero emissions. We believe this is a necessary goal for the health of our planet. While we are committed to partnering with sustainable businesses, we also understand that relying solely on these partnerships is not enough to achieve our net-zero emissions target. We acknowledge that we must collaborate with companies that have not yet incorporated sustainability into their business strategies. Our focus is not to promote consumerism but to help all businesses undergo digital transformation and achieve sustainable operations. We believe that doing so can collectively have a positive impact on the environment, save our planet, and create a circular economy.

4. When was your website last updated?

The app and website will be updated monthly. We will review their status and keep our database up to date regularly.

5. Will Zero2 store personal data?

For more detailed information, please refer to the “Personal Data Collection Statement“.