ESPig Talk: 09

🗑️🌱Turning trash into treasure is easier than you think with Zero2! Let’s make a difference together and protect our planet one recycled item at a time.
🐷: What is recycling?
Recycling is a process that gives everyday items a second life! Instead of throwing them away, we reprocess them into new products.
🐷: Why should you recycle?
Recycling saves precious resources (and money!), reduces pollution, and improves our own health and environment! It also uses less energy than making things from scratch, which helps fight climate change.
🐷: What can you recycle and what can you not?
– ✅✅🫗Glass: Bottles, sauces, jars. ❌❌NOT: Mirrors, window glass, glass furniture, medical containers
– ✅✅🧃Beverage cartons: Milk, aluminum foil cartons, paper cups, paper plates
– ✅✅💡Lamps & Tubes: Fluorescent tubes compact, fluorescent lamps and HDL.❌❌ NOT: Incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs
– ✅✅ 📱Electrical Appliance: general household appliance, mobile phone. ❌❌NOT: clinical appliance
– ✅✅🥫Tin, aluminum cans, other metals. ❌❌NOT: Aerosol cans, chemical containers
– ✅✅🧴Plastic: Look for the plastic recycling number on the item! Includes, bottles, personal care bottles, plastic bags, single-use utensils, packaging boxes, Styrofoam, CDs. ❌❌NOT: medicine bottles, rubber and silicon
– ✅✅🗞️Paper: newspaper, books, magazines, cardboard. ❌❌ NOT: tissue paper, thermal paper, plastic coated paper
♻️Tips to recycle:
Remember to clean your recyclables before dropping them off. This makes the recycling process easier and more efficient!
And last but not the least, recycle with the Hong Kong government’s Green$ app and upload your points to ZERO2 to earn rewards!