ESPig Talk: 07

💡【ESPig🐷Talk】📝🚀🐷: Did you know Hong Kong Imports 90% of it’s food? Shipping across the globe creates immense pollution from the use of transport, impacting our own health polluted air and relaince on excessive plastic packaginf. By choosing local with ZERO2, you can become a hero not only for the planet, but also for your very own city Hong Kong!
🐷:Why is local sustainable?
🌎Environment: Less transport = less carbon emissions. Think of all those fumes spewing from ships, planes, trucks – Buying local food produce and other products helps reduce our reliance on those modes of transport.
🏘️Society: Community Champion! Supporting local businesses isn’t just good for your wallet, it strengthens our city’s unique culture and creates a more inclusive opportunity for Hong Kong born brands. We’re all in this together!
💰Economy: When you shop local, you’re building a self-sufficient Hong Kong, less reliant on imports and exports. You help unlock economic resilience!
Join the ZERO2 movement and be a local legend for a sustainable Hong Kong through our local rewarding merchants! Let’s make local living the norm!♻️