ZERO2 “Live Local 2024” Campaign

“Waste less, Live More” – Live Local 2024 is the largest tech-enabled ESG campaign to support local businesses, drive sustainable lifestyle changes and empower students and communities with a sense of social responsibility. A healthier and greener Hong Kong for the Year of the Dragon 2024!

Our local businesses have continued to suffer post-pandemic, particularly the F&B and hospitality sectors which have experienced a slow rebound in tourism revenues. Even though Hongkongers are frequently travelling overseas; overall sentiment is that happiness levels have plunged to a decade low as the wealth-poor gap widens. 

With our new ESG campaign “Waste Less, Live More”, we seek to address three areas: 

  1. Environmental – Empower individuals to make environmental impact through daily behavioural changes, increased awareness and educate citizens to prepare for the upcoming Municipal Waste Charging Scheme on 1st August 2024
  2. Social – Incentivise citizens (particularly students – the next generation and future of Hong Kong) to be sustainable and socially responsible
  3. Governance – Promote a local low carbon economy


With Cyberport as a co-organiser, Negwawatt has signed a partnership with the Hong Kong Students’ Union (HKSU) which has 20,000 registered student leaders across 8 university campuses. Through the HKSU we will introduce ZERO2 – an ESG reward platform that seeks to promote a low carbon lifestyle through gamification, to university students and youths. Students will be encouraged to actively engage in daily ESG initiatives whereby the tangible impact of each student’s individual ESG contributions will be digitised and recorded using the ZERO2 mobile application. As a recognition of their efforts, participating students will be awarded an ESG Impact Certificate from ZERO2. 


This initiative not only serves as a means to incentivise students to contribute to ESG causes but also provides a valuable opportunity for them to enhance their resumes. The ESG Impact Certificate received from ZERO2 can add a meaningful dimension to students’ CVs, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices and responsible citizenship. We believe this initiative will not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the personal and professional development of the students, increasing their chances of success in future job opportunities. 


ZERO2’s “Live Local 2024” Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Day & Career Fair at Cyberport Arena

Our official kick off ceremony will be held over two days on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th March, in a fun carnival-like event with plenty of live entertainment, engagements and activations for all parties involved. During the event we will also showcase and gamify other start ups in the Cyberport community. 


AI Interactive Gaming Zone:  

Technology combined with an interactive sports experience makes for a sustainable lifestyle! 

1. ATTA Technologies – Enhance your sports performance through a basketball simulation
2. – Cycle away on adventures in the metaverse
3. Buearn – Burn to earn in this HIIT fitness challenge
4. Farmacy – Harvest greens and taste the herbs in an interactive workshop to be an “Urban Farmer”


Wellness Experience Classes
Our celebrity workout classes which will help boost your mood and enhance your overall fitness levels!

Dance Hustle class, by Utah Lee, Nike Global Master Trainer * (Duration: 50 mins) Enroll here with mobile app
Time: 4:00pm – 4:50pm, 15 March 2024
The first 50 to sign up for the class in the ZERO2 app, will also receive a complimentary T-shirt, by leading athletic apparel brand Champion.

Yoga Flow class, by Delia Leung, Dharma yoga instructor, Founder of Yoga Studio One O Eight and Nike Ambassador * (Duration: 50 mins) Enroll here with mobile app
Time: 11:00am – 11:50am, 16 March 2024
The first 25 to sign up for the class in the ZERO2 app, will also receive a complimentary recovery soda and portable yoga mat by Eve Bliss.

HIIT training class, by Sarah McDonnell, Lane Eight Ambassador and Founder of the Naked Fit Gym* (Duration: 40 mins) Enroll here with mobile app
Time: 3:00pm – 3:40pm, 16 March 2024
The first 25 to sign up for the class in the ZERO2 app, will also receive a complimentary white tote bag, by leading athletic apparel brand Champion.


Trendy Entertainment Zone
Spread happiness by connecting with your peers and sharing moments in a Snapio 4-grid retro photobooth from South Korea. You can also try your luck and win cool wearable tech gadgets by Archon or our cute ESPig in our claw machine!

Listen to the hottest tunes in uplifting sets by Hong Kong’s hottest DJs and fashion KOLs Jessie Li (left) & Julie Jun (right).


Career Fair 2024
Over 100 startups and large corporations alike will be given the opportunity to network with students directly and showcase the roles and opportunities that arise in the workplace, to kick start your bright future in sustainability.

“Live Local 2024” Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Day & Career Fair Event Rundown

Friday 15th March
10:00am Live Local Experience Day commences at CyberArena
2:30pm Kick off ceremony
3:00pm Panel discussion: “Students on Sustainability”
4:00pm Dance Hustle with Nike Master Trainer – Utah Lee (Duration: 50 mins)
5:00pm DJ Jessie Li / Happy hour & networking
6:00pm End of Day 1 event

Saturday 16th March
10:00am Live Local Experience Day resumes
11:00am Yoga Flow with Nike Trainer Delia Leung (Duration: 50 mins)
12:30pm Panel Discussion with STEM + E
3.00pm HIIT workout with Sarah McDonnell (Duration: 40 mins)
4.00pm DJ Julie Jun
5:30pm Event ends


Largest Tech-Enabled ESG Campaign (March-September 2024)

In a 6-month competition, commencing 15th March and culminating on 15th September, everyone will be given an opportunity to win fabulous prizes whilst saving the planet! We encourage participants to download our ZERO2 app ahead of time using the referral code LLS to get a head start. Participants will need to join as many carbon reduction missions which include: recycling, partaking in responsible consumption through green and sustainable dining, reducing home utility bills, and the walking challenge. Students who receive an ESG Impact Certificate will also be eligible to participate in our internship placement programme this summer.