Zero2 Grand Opening Ceremony at MinChen & ES Pig’s Wedding

“A better life with ESG!” Being eco-friendly not only saves the Earth but also comes with benefits! The Zero2 mobile application has been officially launched. Users who gain the highest Zero Coins have the chance to win a Tesla Model Y electric car sponsored by Zero2. Winners will also have the opportunity to join a “Green Day Tour” with the renowned artist – Ms. MinChen Lin!

On July 25, 2023, Negawatt, Zero2’s parent company, held the Zero2 Grand Opening Ceremony at Zero Carbon Park in Kowloon Bay, pledging to transform Hong Kong into a carbon-neutral city. During the event, Ms. MinChen Lin along with the adorable Zero2 mascot ES Pig, celebrated their ‘wedding’, officially becoming the ambassador for Zero2 and encouraging the public to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle with the slogan “I Do, Zero2.”

To support the sustainability of this event, the exquisite gown Ms. MinChen Lin wore was designed by the renowned Hong Kong bridal designer, Noel Chu, which was crafted from low-carbon and recyclable materials, symbolizing the unique fusion of art and environmental responsibility.

Let’s celebrate this new step towards carbon neutrality in Hong Kong and work together to create a sustainable green future.


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