Zero2: Empowering Carbon Reduction and Sustainable Economy for a Greener Future

Negawatt, the company of Zero2 app, followed the government delegation to Dubai in early March to sign the MoU of the “Green Smart City” project, and introduce new technologies to help reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, Negawatt has been interviewed by multiple media outlets and released news about the new sustainable ESG discount platform Zero2 for the first time. Members of the public can earn points by participating in carbon reduction tasks within the Zero2 app, such as solids recycling, daily shopping and plastic walking, uploading energy bills, etc. Members of the public can protect the environment and redeem points for discounted merchants.

Through Zero2 gamification, we hope to encourage public participation in carbon reduction and raise public awareness of ESG, so as to achieve a sustainable economy.

Join us now and engage in Zero2 to actively contribute to saving OUR PLANET!

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