1. What is Zero Coin?

Zero Coin showcases your carbon reduction participation and efforts, including completing carbon reduction Missions and referring friends to join Zero2. All actions related to carbon reduction will be rewarded with Zero Coin. For other non-carbon reduction-related special activities and campaign such “Friend Referral” and Completed the “Beginner Missions” etc. , we will allocate the issuance reserves of Zero Coin in exchange for actions like tree planting. For detailed information, please refer to the “Carbon Savings Calculation Methodology.”

2. How does Zero2 calculate Zero Coins?

We collect and study data on the carbon emissions saved through each carbon reduction activity in “Missions” to ensure the scientific and reasonable calculation of the indicators.

3. How do you ensure the accuracy of carbon reduction measurements for tasks?

Our expert team refers to research reports and standards from around the world, including Hong Kong, to develop calculation methods for carbon reduction. We ensure that the calculation methods are scientific and based on well-founded assumptions. We also consult with different groups during the process. For more detailed information, please visit the “Mission” section.

4. How can I earn Zero Coins in Zero2?

You can earn Zero Coins by completing the following green actions:

  • Recycle plastic bottles, aluminium cans, paper and glass bottles
  • Enjoy a takeaway meal without disposable tableware, bring your own cup, request no cup lid etc. from our partnering restaurants
  • Bring your own Bag while purchasing in our merchant network.
  • Recycle your pre-used clothes
  • Upload your utility bills
  • Record your walking journeys
  • Participate in other featured challenges

For detailed information, please refer to the “Carbon Savings Calculation Methodology.”

5. Can I share my green action submissions with my friends/family?

No. For fairness, only one submission is allowed for each green action.

6. I cannot submit my recycling record. What can I do?

Please make sure you have scanned the Zero2 QR code at the recycle station. You may try to re-login if the same still exists. If you still cannot submit your record, please contact us via Zero2 app or email and share with us your recycling record for further assistance.

7. How to redeem our rewards?

8. I cannot finish processing my utility bills on the Zero2 app. What can I do?

Please make sure the utility bill is scanned or taken by camera clearly. Please note that it may take up to 7 business days to process your bill.

9. Can I view my Positive Energy and Zero Coin record?

Yes, you can check it out in [Wallet] and on the homepage.

10. What is the difference between Positive Energy and Zero Coin?

Positive Energy is calculated based on your participation and contributions within Zero2 and is displayed in the form of levels. You can upgrade by collecting more Positive Energy, which helps unlock exclusive offers from sustainable merchants and partners. Earn Positive Energy and level up by completing various missions and mini-games to unlock different exclusive offers and rewards.

Zero Coin is the currency earned from green actions, friends’ referral and featured challenges. You may redeem rewards, products and services in [Rewards] by spending Zero Coins.

11. Does Zero2 have enough recycling points to support recycling tasks?

Currently, apart from regular recycling booths held at 20 public housing estates under the Hong Kong Housing Society, there are no other recycling points set up. After the official launch of the application, Zero2 will establish mobile recycling stations to increase the number of recycling points. Please stay tuned for further announcements from Zero2 for more details.

12. How can I know if a business supports Zero2’s carbon reduction missions?

Businesses that support Zero2’s carbon reduction missions will display stickers prominently in their storefronts. Currently, each business can have a maximum of two carbon reduction missions.

13. How do you ensure tasks are not cheated?

We have implemented anti-cheating mechanisms for each task, such as limitations on the number of times a task can be completed per day. If a user’s activity records do not match the actual behavior or if there are abnormal situations, Zero2 reserves the right to revoke the related energy and points from the user’s account.

14. How do you prevent misuse or theft of daily carbon reduction tasks on merchant display cards?

We have implemented devices and dedicated login platforms for users to scan the QR codes of dynamic tasks.

Merchant staff members will only present task QR codes on display cards when users have completed relevant green dining tasks.

If we discover any unusual situations with merchant QR codes, we will provide new QR codes or recommend merchants to use mobile devices and dedicated login platforms as alternatives to the task QR codes on display cards.

15. Why are some of my Positive Energy and Zero Coin earned revoked?

We will review the green action records from time to time to maintain the credibility of Zero2. Zero2 reserves all rights to revoke the relevant Positive Energy and Zero Coins from users’ accounts in case the records do not match.

16. Will Zero Coin expire?

Zero Coin has a validity period of one year, with an expiration date of June 30, 2024.