ESPig Talk:03

🌍Hi planet heroes, remember the Hong Kong Action Plan we talked about earlier? Let’s deep dive into how Hong Kong plans to use sunshine, wind, and even waves to give our city clean energy! This plan called the Net Zero 2050 Climate Action Plan, is like a superhero map to a cleaner, greener future.
🗺️What are the goals?
We’re on a mission to double our renewable energy sources by 2050 – that’s a jump from 7% to a whopping 15%! Imagine the power of the sun, wind, and waves lighting up our city!
But that’s not all! We’re also using 30-40% less energy in our offices and shops, and 20-30% less at home.
📃What can you do?
Take the first step and reduce your electricity consumption by being aware of unused lights and electronic equipment at home. Every kiloWatt saved helps reduce 53g of CO2e which is roughly equal to emission absorbed by a tree in one day!
🚀Ready to join the adventure? Let’s go make Hong Kong a shining example of clean energy! Together, we can be planet heroes, saving the planet one watt at a time!